jingle artists get mad competitive

You have probably already seen that the greatest jingle in the history of jingledom was produced earlier this week.

It turns out that Love Jingles isn't the only jingle maker in the jingle industry. Brian King, another jinglemaster wants in on the action. He's challenged Love Jingles to a jingle-off. (That sounds dirty, doesn't it?)

They'll each post a jingle for the Purple Goldfish Project, and the winner will probably have to buy the other jingler a beer. Or gets the jingle crown.

Can't we all just jingle along? (See what you're missing, if you don't pay attention to the internet??)


Unknown said...

The JINGLE OFF is on over at the Purple Goldfish Project. Check it out at http://bit.ly/a7ZcBe
Voting is open for one week. Who will be declared the World's Best Daily Jingler?

mulls said...

I'm with LoveJingles on this one, sorry -

Anonymous said...

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