digital music marketing genius.

Check out the new C-Mon & Kypski video, currently being produced. You can watch the video as it is being produced, ONE FRAME AT A TIME. Even better, you can add yourself to the production (as many times as you'd like) by contributing frames to the video.

Charlie at Curve Detroit points out that any business can learn from this creative feat. C-Mon & Kypski have done a bunch of things right:

+ They appealed to the 90% of the audience who might NOT want to participate because they're too shy, afraid, whatever - these people get to watch the process unfold.
+ They let the visitors that participate in the site become OWNERS of the product. Think they'll talk about it? Share it on Twitter or Facebook? Post about it? You bet.

This is crowdsourcing done smart, done well, and done right. Thanks, Charlie!

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