your tire's all flat and junk dance remix talking tool

The Sutter Group has just taken one of the most annoying spots on earth and made it a whole lot of fun. You've probably seen the talking pothole spots for Geiko.

John Sutter took the audio from that spot and created a short little remix of the song (which is pretty fun.) If that wasn't enough, John's coworker Aaron Waldon took the remix and mapped the vocal track to the movement of the pothole. The end effect is here.

That's pretty awesomely impressive, but they've made it even better. They've created a pothole talking tool that lets you speak to your computer, and the pothole's "mouth" moves accordingly. Now you can be the pothole that you've always wanted to be. From @garretohm.

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Garret Ohm said...

Everyone's tire's all flat and junk!

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