training 40,000 employees in social media isn't easy

You'll want to check out how Telstra is training their 40,000 employees across the globe in social media (an introduction is above.)

Their policy, which centers around responsibility, respect and representation (three awesome R's) is communicated through a presentation that is presented in the form of an interactive comic book. Cheezy to some, but it's hard to produce creative that resonates with a worldwide team of tens of thousands.

They've also put their entire social media training guide online for anyone to view. Why go public? Telstra says that "We have decided to open up this course to the scrutiny and feedback of the ‘outside world’ as it may assist other organisations and help raise the level of awareness about social media with staff.” Go Telstra.

That's an awesome, bold step that many firms would be scared to take. They'll benefit immensely from that action.

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