"i don't need to know what people are having for lunch"

Have a hard time explaining Twitter to your co-workers and friends? Has your boss tasked you with the responsibility of Twitter training to the rest of the staff?

Relax. Guy Kawasaki has outlined everything you need to demo Twitter to a newb, or confused co-worker.

Guy accurately points out that we're only in year three of the Twitterverse. It wasn't long ago that people doubted email and web browsing, and said things like “Why would I go to a web site when newspapers and magazines come to my house, I can see people in person or talk to them on the phone, get driving instructions by looking at my AAA map, and buy books by going to the mall?”

So take his advice and help your coworkers get up to speed in 2010. You'll all be better, stronger and more informed. (And you'll know what everyone is having for lunch.)

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