how to make your ppt deck seem like a visit to disneyworld

There was a great story yesterday on NPR about a psychology researcher at the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis. Aaron Sackett's research shows that people think they're having more fun if it seems like time is going by faster.

At your next client presentation, let your audience know that you have a twenty minute presentation. Only deliver a ten minute presentation. They'll walk away feeling like that was the most fun they've ever had. Well, maybe not the most fun...but Aaron's study proved that if people actually believe time is moving faster, even the most mundane tasks (and presentations) can seem fun. Interesting.


Cassie Wallace said...

What happens when someone actually looks at their watch and just thinks you are a moron that went too fast?

darryl ohrt said...

oh yeah...I guess this will work better if you collect everyone's cell phones and watches at the beginning of the meeting. ;)

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