giving the gift of facebook

Facebook should pay Chris Kieff for this great holiday thinking, and turn this into a full fledged campaign.

Chris points out that you have the skills to give a most awesome gift to a loved one this year. The gift of Facebook.

Think about how grandma's life would be changed if you hooked her up with her very own Facebook page. Not so that she could meet single men, but so that she can see what's going on in the family. Even when she becomes what we call a "lurker", she'll be plugged into the family happenings, see loads of pictures, and as Chris says, will enrich her life immensely.

Chris outlines everything you need to do, so that you can sit back, enjoy eggnog and have everyone else saying "wish I thought of that."


Chris Kieff said...

It is truly better to give than to receive. You have no idea how good it makes me feel to have people say I'm going to do that for my grandpa.

Thanks for helping to spread the meme! You ROCK!

(And yes truth be told it's neat to hear you say "wish I'd thought of that, too. :)


Andy Michaels said...

Nice, let me try that out :)

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