the future of magazines

Maybe you're already on the edge of your seat waiting for the Apple tablet, rumored to be coming out in 2010. But even if you're not a gadget freak, you'll want to check out this prototype from Bonnier, the publisher of Popular Science and other magazines.

You're going to want one tomorrow, and will instantly realize how the publishing industry will soon be changed forever.


Unknown said...

This looks great. What's important for a tablet magazine is that it's made by people who are passionate about the print magazine and know what the 'magazine experience' is all about. These guys seem to fit the bill and I'm heartened at how much they understand and are committed to preserving and recreating the heart and soul of magazine reading.


usb kabel said...

Great!The basic idea is to make a tablet that will allow you to read magazines that you are subscribed to.An elegant interface and easy access tools such as search and one-touch social media makes the experience deeper than just reading a magazine.Ne ways good post!I will look around for more details.Thanks for sharing.

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