create your own social network in minutes

There's a new easy-as-snap social network tool in town. It's called GROU.PS, which promises to be a social networking site where you can build your own social networking site.

It's true. I created a Brand Flakes group in less than ten minutes. (Join if you want, although no promises to keep this up - it's only for experimentation for now.)

This looks to be an awesome tool for smaller groups, non-profits and others who need to do something outside of the typical big box social networks. From @caff


Anonymous said...

Is it any better than

darryl ohrt said...

It's been a while since I've created a Ning community, but at first glance, this seems a bit easier, and I believe it's better designed (with multiple graphic templates for users to choose from).

The one thing that Ning has going for it is user adoption...I can use my Ning login info in multiple communities, which is nice.

Ben Kunz said...

So. What if I create a social network, and then decide to create a social network inside that, and then maybe one more inside that?

Maybe this is why God is so hard to reach these days, we could all just be lost inside one of his networks.

usb kabel said...

Is this really true?Then its superb,amazing!I m also using as its very easy to design web templates.I don't know about this but i will check this out.Thanks for sharing.

jenny said...

This is really the most amazing and useful tool to create your own social network and learn how to start Wikipedia page for someone in minutes. This tool is really expensive but much easy and useful.

Olivia Clark said...

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