cheap jingles for most of 2010

You've got to love the originality of this concept. This dude named Love (for real) writes and records jingles. To promote his jingle awesomeness, he's created Love Jingles, where he'll record a jingle a day for the entire year of 2010. His fee starts at $1 on January 1, and increases by one dollar every day.

For you - this is an awesome way to get some fun, cheap jingles.
For Love - this is a great way to show new clients what he's capable of while getting loads of others to hear his jingles. We're signing up for at least one. (Why not??) Hurry. Half of January is already sold out.


Chelsea DeVos said...

Sounds just like the "I wear your shirt" guy.

I think it's genius.

Stan Phelps said...

Nice to see I'm not the only one from Connecticut who has signed up to give LOVE a chance.
My jingle will support the The Purple Goldfish Project. Look forward to hearing a snappy tune for Brandflakes for Breakfast.

travis said...

funny stuff indeed... he wrote one for our beers hosted on

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