bring some lady gaga love to your gala

Here's proof that non-profit galas don't have to be total borefests. In fact, you can have fun, bring on some sexy action and bring in the money. That's what the Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles did. They had the Bolshoi Ballet dancing to a live Lady Gaga performance. Then they auctioned off the costumes - including a Prada Lady Gaga costume, and a Lady Gaga hat designed by architect Frank Gehry.

What they did awesomely:
+ Created a night of entertainment that was on brand to their cause
+ Created a true one-of-a-kind event that couldn't be experienced anywhere else. Anywhere.
+ Produced one-of-a-kind items worthy of auction that are guaranteed to generate megabucks

Can't you do the same for your non-profit? Do we really need another boring gala dinner with your city's Mayor as the star performer? Sure, not everyone can wrangle Lady Gaga, but here's proof that originality, creativity and fun can live in the most gagalicious non-profit galas ever. Give your audience something to tweet about.

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