need a walk in the park?

If you're having a stressful day and need a nice walk in the park (but are too lazy to actually get up from your desk), this is for you.

A walk in the park is a video produced from 2,038 still images that photographer Mark Louis Weinberg assembled after documenting his own walk in the park.

The result is a beautious piece of creative self promotion. You'll want to check out his website, blog and learn more about this photographer that just provided a three minute escape from your ridiculous day.


Anonymous said...

Why not just video it?

Anonymous said...

"Why not just video it?" ??? Seriously??? There are so many reasons why this is so much better than a video. The most obvious reason is the creative take on it. Then there are the technical aspects. Notice the time manipulation, where fewer frames cover a longer distance traveled, giving the impression of speed, and then more frames at other times giving a sense of "pause." The art of stop motion is plain cool in general!

Then there is the feeling this captures that a video couldn't do as well. I mean, in New York, So many people come in and out of you life in a given instance. Each face and character is like a snap shot, but a very fleeting one. You never really get the time to linger on a given face or person. This captures the speed that New York seems to pass you by at.

Sure, you could do a video, but whats the point? This works is a TON better!

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