naked victoria's secret models can sell anything

This is more than just naked girls prancing in the street. It's an effort to promote Victoria's Secret. Even though there doesn't appear to be any Victoria's Secret apparel in the clip. The press release say that it's "already received a lot of attention around the world for its titillating music video". Interesting.

Apparently this is part of a new Victoria's Secret TV campaign - even though the video was released months ago (because tv is slow??). And the parody is just as entertaining.


Sammy said...

There's something uncomfortable about a woman's crotch flashing "baby." Maybe it's just me.

Ben Kunz said...

Wow. I feel like we're losing something. Not to get too personal, but a long time ago when Victoria's Secret first came out, it had curvy women in lingerie that inspired more thoughts than it revealed in flesh. And then it got more revealing. And the woman got taller. And skinnier. Until we have nude anorexia in the streets. That's all good ... but I think we're losing something.

Whatever happened to the tease in advertising? And why would I buy any of the product if I don't yearn to find out more? You have my attention, Victoria, but you sure ain't a secret any longer.

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