microsoft stores: kind of like eating at chilis

So Microsoft has stores now. Don't feel sorry for them because their stores look like carbon copies of the Apple store. Or because of their fragmented marketing campaign.

Feel sorry for them because some employees in this store were forced to participate in this most uncomfortable "spontaneous" moment.

Now buying a PC can be almost as much fun as your birthday at Chilis. (Sorry Chilis - I really do love your chicken tacos.)


Anonymous said...

Awkward. I wish for the employees that they could have stopped after the first 30 seconds when nobody was paying attention. Terrible.

Sharon Reynolds said...


How annoyed would you be when you're waiting for service and they are doing this ridiculous dance!

It's really sad that PC continues to chase what Mac has. They need to become their own entity instead of a copy.

Oh and they need to make better computers, too. ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't think that they have to do that. During working hours, wake up. Customers first. Surely I will include you on my term papers. Hmmmmpppppppppppp.

verAch said...

hahaha for a loong time pc user that has recently changed to mac heres an idea for the next microsoft comercial: SPONTANEOUS MOMENT MY IDEA!
now we just need to find a person dumb enough to take responsability for this lame idea

Anonymous said...

As awkward as this may be, and as "fragmented" as thier campaign may be... at least they don't base their entire brand upon ridiculing and bashing their competitor.

Ethics first....brand second.

I'll stick with my PC.

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