kind of like twitter. and linked in. and facebook.

We suppose that you could call Sprouter a Twitter tool for pros. Sprouter is a new, twitteresque tool geared entirely to the workplace. They're seemingly to Twitter what Linked In is to Facebook.

They've included a couple of popular features from Linked In and Facebook, like organized topics and events. Since these don't really exist on Twitter, it might be cool to organize your tweets in this manner. They also allow you to claim hashtags, so that you can declare your authority on the matter.

Pretty cool concept, although they'll need to reach a critical mass to be a truly valuable business tool. This may be difficult, since everyone's already tweeting about their business life on Twitter. Do we need a professional tweet tool?

Erin from Sprouter contacted us to say:
Sprouter isn't a tool for the workplace. It's a niche network specifically for entrepreneurs and startups to connect, collaborate, and engage in conversation. If you want more information about Sprouter you can check out our feature article in the National Post here, and I'd be happy to answer any questions.(email in comments)


Ben Kunz said...

This is great. Now instead of just checking voicemail, email, Gmail, Facebook feeds, Facebook live feeds, Facebook email, Twitter streams, Twitter lists, Twitter @s, Twitter DMs, text messages, and the updates that land in Gmail from Facebook and Twitter, and oh yes the occasional loner writing from over in LinkedIn, I can also check Sprouter.

Thank God social media is streamlining my relationships.

RFB said...

Oh, it's the lame version of Google Wave?

Not gonna fly. Ever. Whoever dumped VC into this was a gambling fool.

Brandon said...

Our workplace tried using Yammer, which seems to be much like this. Didn't work. Everyone just kept using Twitter.

It would seem like folly to compete with Twitter by focusing on a smaller market, when plenty of professionals already use Twitter for professional tasks.

darryl ohrt said...

I wonder why they didn't do this instead:

+ Create a tool that uses the TWITTER API and allows you to better organize hashtags, topics and events. *That part* of their tool is a good idea.

Then you'd have an immediate user base with features that don't already exist on Twitter.

(Someone should just give me a bunch of VC money so that I could make dreams like this come true.)

Unknown said...

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the comments. I'm the Community Manager at Sprouter so just wanted to jump in and say that Sprouter isn't a Twitter tool for the workplace - it's an online collaboration tool specifically for entrepreneurs to build a support network - ask questions, share resources, etc - all with the goal of advancing their startup.

We realize that Twitter exists for businesses to further their brand with the public - Sprouter exists for entrepreneurs to meet like-minded people to connect with in a specific niche, and to engage in conversation.

It is not a tool for people to use within their workplace, and it's not a tool for professionals at large organizations.

You can feel free to get in touch with me further at


Also, it is not VC-backed.

Miles said...

Wow, Erin, your jumping in to call-out that..

"Sprouter isn't a tool for the workplace. It's a niche network specifically for entrepreneurs and startups to connect, collaborate, and engage in conversation." a big turn-off.

You have someone here writing about your product, giving you free publicity and you have the nerve to jump in with a bunch of fluffy corporate speak. You can't micro-manage your "brand" once you put it out there. Let it evolve. If you have a great product, users will get it.

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