how to make your turkey day super awkward

Think your dysfunctional family Thanksgiving is uncomfortable? Imagine sharing turkey with PETA girl.


Todd said...

AND this is exactly why I go out to the woods and shoot my own bird. But I'm pretty sure PeTA has a problem with that, too.

Dear PeTA,

My turkey roams free in the woods (near farms, but not inside sheds), when the feathers are removed the animal is long gone, I don't stomp on my turkey's head (in fact, I'm extremely respectful and thankful), chemicals no, dirt and poop depends on who cleans the bird... and so I don't sound too mean, please note that I'm a huge fan of the rainbow.


Erik Shultz said...

PeTA is a great organization but I think they step on toes just to step on toes.

Perfect example of PeTA stepping toes for no reason.

I also love rainbows! :)

Anonymous said...

PETA is not as great as you think. Do some research into them. If you love animals you may find yourself supporting other animal welfare institutes. PETA has some hidden secrets. I'm not try to troll. Just saying do your research on the institutes you support.

sara said...

If this had been a video of my family, there would have been an extra 20 seconds added to this clip, where you'd see me grab that little snot by the hair and drag her ass out the front door. Nothing against any lifestyle choices (and I eat meat about twice a year)...I just can't stand preaching, especially when it's wrapped in a lame attempt to be clever. Happy Thanksgiving. ;)

darryl ohrt said...

Yeah, I agree. I used to be a vegetarian (until I discovered that pizza wasn't a healthy diet.;)

All of PETA's campaigns seem to center around hate and anger. Extremely polarizing, yes - but I have to believe they're also turning off a huge portion of the audience that might otherwise support them.

For the record, I'll be eating a store bought turkey tomorrow. No doubt that it was stomped on by a mean person, and then rolled in poop. Pass the gravy.

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