how to make football cool

Great design has made just about everything it touches spectacular. So why do we have to watch NFL games with players wearing poorly designed helmets that look all 1989?

Designer Ken Carbone explores what awesome design might mean for the hottest brands in the NFL. What are we waiting for??


Todd said...

I've had nothing but love for this blog, you link out to some great stuff... but today that has changed. "How to make football cool" for a headline, WTF does that even mean? And I dig(g) Fast Company, but this link is dripping weak sauce all over my keyboard.

Ken Carbone lost me at, "Now that the Yankees have won the World Series and the season shifts from batting balls to banging heads." Sounds like what would make football "cool" for Ken is long periods of boredom interrupted by a mid-third quarter stretch. We're 8 games in Ken, nice of you to join us.

So I say, congratulations Ken and Mike, you've just designed a batch of new helmets for the XFL, if only it were 2001.

I must say thank you though, for not pissing on the Packers G. Although now I must rely solely on my own imagination to butcher the helmet with a bilateral approach to an assorted meat tray.

It's not a fashion show, it's football. Take your fancy designs to another field. Tradition FTW!

darryl ohrt said...

Todd, the Green Bay helmets were redesigned many years ago:

Malachy Walsh said...

Sorry, but while the redesign of the helmet for safety purposes is probably a good idea, I'm not crazy about the aesthetics of any of these new designs....

Occasionally, old is better than new.

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