how to handle a brand criticism

Last month, Steven Colbert made some less than lovely remarks about Miracle Whip on his show. So Miracle Whip fought back. In a truly, totally creative, advertising inspired takeover of his show.

Watch the Miracle Whip setup above, and see a clip from Stephen Colbert's show on the Adweek blog. Brands who face criticism could give this a good look and some creative consideration the next time they're faced with a similar situation. Nicely done.


1day1brand said...


Don't you think this is all planned out?

One thing is for sure, it makes you wonder why advertisers show the same adverts on all the different channels. What with the cost of production these days you'd imagine they would have sci-fi style ads for the sci-fi channel, etc. etc. It is just a matter of time.

darryl ohrt said...

1Day: if this was all planned in advance (and I agree, it's possible), then there should be some major credit given to the media planning, strategic team as well as the Colbert producers/sales team.

I suspect it was instead a quick reaction from an on-the-ball creative team, and a client who trusts them enough to run with it.

Either way - stellar work!!

Anonymous said...

I don't care if it was all planned out. I laughed, and I bet Stephen did too.

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