how bloggers are sharing video

Sysomos has done some interesting analysis on video streaming and sharing as it relates to video shared on blogs. They examined 100 million blog posts since July of this year, and determined:

Young Males Engage the Most - 20-to-35-year-old males constitute the most engaged demographic group in the study. In total, 77% of users are under 35-years old, while 60% of all users are male.

Asian Users Engage Differently - 90% of the users from Asia and Oceania are under 35-years-old. In comparison, a third of North American users are over 35-years-old. Bloggers in Asia and Oceania are less likely to use services other than YouTube, with 89% of the links and embeds pointing to YouTube.

Engagement Peaks on Tuesday - The most popular day for engaging with video in the blogosphere is Tuesday and Wednesday. The most active engagement takes place between 11a.m. and 1p.m EST.

There's a boatload of additional data where that came from. Read the details from their entire study and learn what's likely to get your video shared, posted on blogs and viewed by millions.

(There's also some slammin' graphs and charts that will make your PowerPoint deck look all juicy when you present this to the boss.)

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