the holiday cards are here

The Gap has released their holiday greeting card just in time for Thanksgiving, and it lets you send a customized cheer (with annoying lumberjack style models) to your friends. The dancing lumberjacks tie to the tv campaign that just launched with the same theme. (Everyone knows that lumberjacking cheerleaders are the new hot.)

What's really smart about this piece is that the recipients get a 20% off coupon code. That's not a bad thing to send to a friend. (If they like the Gap.) So is it a holiday card? Or an entertaining coupon?


Ben Kunz said...

So glad I saved those flannel shirts and leather gloves from my Vermont upbringing. Finally, I *am* the leader in style.

Thinking In Vain said...

I saw this last night and mistakenly thought that it was so weird it was an Old Navy commercial.

Kristin said...


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