greenalicious design that tastes great

Imagine a product design that looks super hot. Then imagine that design could reduce air pollution. And reduce water pollution. And save energy. A product design change that can accomplish all of that?

Meet the "naked" coke can. There are 24 billion coke cans produced every year. That's a lot of Coca Cola red paint. Not only does that create boku waste in manufacturing, but removing the paint adds a step to the recycling process. Eliminate the paint and you reduce manufacturing crap, and make recycling easier.

Gizmodo has all the math proving this is the most awesome greenalicious package redesign ever. Awesomeness times ten.


Manteykm said...

I love this! Such a great idea and the design is awesome. I hope Coke starts producing more can like this!

Anonymous said...

that is really cool. less is more!

Ben Kunz said...

Incredible concept. Coke should do this. It pops. Now I'm off to run naked.

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