free legal lets bloggers take on the man

The Citizen Media Law Project is launching a new program for bloggers who need legal help dealing with copyright, defamation or other legal issues.

The program looks to help bloggers who might not be able to afford the support they need on their own. There are income and revenue requirements to qualify, but this is an awesome step to help keep blogger voices loud and proud.

(Your lawyer will likely not be sporting a Mexican wrestling mask. But you have to admit that "Chalko" looks like he's ready to take on the man.)


criticnyc said...

Great heads up thanks one of the most important issues in free speech today is the vulnerability of bloggers to defamation suits by people they criticize in a valid way.

jamesanderson said...

What an empowering initiative by the Citizen Media Law Project! Offering legal support to bloggers facing copyright or defamation issues is a game-changer, ensuring diverse voices thrive. Kudos for keeping blogger voices strong!
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