apps: your new ad campaign

Ben Kunz points out a terrific way to view the ever growing popularity of apps. There's loads of data that illustrates how people don't use most apps past the first day after download. Some may say that's reason to reconsider your app development budget.

Ben Kunz suggests just the opposite. Go app wild. If new, cool apps are always the new, cool thing that become a part of our conversation, why not allow your brand to be a part of it? Rather than attempt to produce the end-all, best-and-only-app-you-ever-need, create a hundred apps. Create two hundred apps. Think of them as individual components to your ad campaign.

We agree. Not just because that kind of thinking brings us loads of business, but it's an approach that's utilizing the media in a way that the audience has already decided to use it. Hooray. Increase your app spend now.

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