this week at Plaid

Here's what happened this week at the world's most scrumptious creative agency:

Conn Creatives, a new sweet resource for creative types stuck in CT published a print piece profiling agencies in the state. Naturally, Plaid was one of the shops featured. We're a little miffed that we weren't on the cover, back cover, and center spread, but we'll get over it.

I represented Plaid at the annual Housatonic Valley Cultural Arts fundraising breakfast, and shook hands with a bunch of really cool fine artists, and a couple of people in suits.

It snowed. Yes, that's ridiculous, and that's more proof than ever that Plaid should really be located on the west coast, where everything is perfect all of the time.

We completed our Yahoo Purple Pedals art initiative. Yahoo gave us a sweet purple bike equipped with a camera that auto shoots and uploads photos every 60 seconds. We used it to meet people in our community and ask them "what makes you happy?" See the results in this video, or take a browse through the bike's entire photo stream.

Chris got a haircut.

We were invaded by sickness. Both Steph and Chris were inflicted with a nasty cold that rendered them useless to the world. We blame our high school intern/job shadow, Shane. Because that's what high school kids are best at: spreading germs.

RJ cranked up our convection oven for the first time in a while to make hot, fresh chocolate chip cookies. These are the perfect end of week treat, and make the office smell delicious.

This weekend Plaidsters will mostly be hybernating indoors since it's cold, and planning on raining every second of every day. Hopefully your weekend will be nicer.

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