the super branded future tent

Orange has been a part of the Glastonbury Music Festival before, and now they're using their mad R&D skills to help bring a better experience to festival goers.

They've invented the most excellent future tent that you've ever seen:
+ Solar power? Yep.
+ Charging station for your cell phone? Yep.
+ Wifi? Yep.
+ Ground heat amplification? Yep.

And get THIS - the tent can be set to glow in a distinctive color that you can initiate from your cell phone. Can't find your tent because you're in a drunken stupor? Activate your glow system, and see it from a mile away. This is the way camping should be. Thanks, Orange.


Anonymous said...

I believe the point of camping is to get away from these material complications.

Anonymous said...

This is not about camping; it's about finding your tent while in a drunken stupor.

On a related note, can this tent recycle urine into potable water for, say, instant coffee?

Anonymous said...

if this tent is made to be found and slept in in a drunken stuper it better be extra durable, not sure how well those solar panels work covered in beer, or covered by someone accidentally smashing into them

Anonymous said...

Or covered in vomit! oh ho ho.

But in all seriousness, this tent looks like it could kick some serious booty.

Anonymous said...

eurgh, yeah I'm gonna drag those.. 3.. massive sunglasses along just so I can sit an a nasty orange glow in the wilderness.
Otherwise, it's a nice shape.

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