a social network for all of your stuff

Need a ladder? Or a rice cooker? Now you can can borrow, lend, rent, sell and buy stuff from your neighbors, thanks to NeighborGoods. It's a social network that keeps track of all the stuff in your closet, your cabinets, and your garage - so that your neighbors can make use of the stuff that you aren't using.

Right now it's live in the Los Angeles area, and you can sign up for an invite if you live elsewhere. Maybe someone will finally take that breadmaker from your basement. From Mickipedia.

1 comment:

Libby said...

With such a glut of social networks these days, I'm always suspicious of another- but this one seems very cool- the purpose is completely evident (which I think is important).

It's like www.paperbackswap.com where you list books you're getting rid of, and you trade books, earning credits when you send your books out, and spending credits when you get books.

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