more people use social media than email

There's an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal
that supports what we've been saying all along: email is old school and sucky.

Only the Wall Street Journal says it more intelligently. Here's the most interesting factoid:
In August 2009, 276.9 million people used email across the U.S., several European countries, Australia and Brazil, according to Nielsen Co., up 21% from 229.2 million in August 2008. But the number of users on social-networking and other community sites jumped 31% to 301.5 million people.

(That Twitter bird is really smiling now, and eating email for lunch.) From Brett, via Twitter. Duh.

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Tessa Carroll said...

The statistics don't lie. Social media is replacing email everyday. As marketers, we need to realize this and step up our social media marketing endeavors.

Tessa Carroll
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