apply to college through twitter

The College of Charleston is now testing the use of Twitter in its application process.

Here's how it works:
You send a tweet to the College of Charleston illustrating why you're perfect for their college. If your tweet is good enough, the College of Charleston will follow you back and then begin a direct message conversation.

While some see this as controversial or even ridiculous, it's not so vastly different than an interview with an admissions counselor. Ace that interview, and perhaps your application will get more attention. That's very likely how the Twitter program will work. In essence, the College of Charleston has applied modern tools to an age old process. Nice work. From Chngbkt.


Tod said...

We sent a "thick envelope is headed your way" tweet to a student who got in before the acceptance letter hit the mail... but really digging joining the fun at the beginning of the process!

Anonymous said...

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