rock and roll: dead, but well photographed

There's an incredible exhibit that just opened at the Brooklyn Museum, featuring a collection of works from the legendary photographers of rock and roll.

The show includes early shots of artists, live shots, portraits, crowds and fans, and album covers and concepts. See you there. (One of my all time favorite covers is pictured above - Bow Wow Wow, shot by photographer Andy Earl.)

new, older packaging!

Who even knew that there was old Monster Munch packaging?? Well there was. And apparently it was so good that it's better than the new stuff. You've got to dig brands that aren't afraid to have a little fun with their packaging.

perspective is everything

Here's even more spectacular art from artist Felice Varini. These are part of an installation that he did over the summer in Vercorin, Switzerland. (What if one homeowner refuses to let him paint?)

print lives. on halloween.

This has to be my favorite Halloween costume so far.

where's the cap'n??!!!!

While doing some research on a new report from Yale that says sugary cereals advertise more than the healthier ones, I came upon an internet travesty: THEY TOOK DOWN THE CAP'N.

Possibly the tastiest cereal on the entire planet, and Quaker Oats didn't believe him worthy of an interim internet site. How does this happen? Did the Cap'n fall on hard times? Why is he not on Twitter so that we can ask him all of these important questions?

Please, please, please do everything you can to support the Cap'n. Call Congress. Call our President. Wake up the Quaker Oats marketing department. Introduce them to an agency that would never let this happen. Someone, please do something.

all your viral hits in one fast clip

To promote the fact that they've been providing internet to Sweden since 1999, Comhem produced a clip featuring all of the most popular virals since they started. How many can you identify?

apply to college through twitter

The College of Charleston is now testing the use of Twitter in its application process.

Here's how it works:
You send a tweet to the College of Charleston illustrating why you're perfect for their college. If your tweet is good enough, the College of Charleston will follow you back and then begin a direct message conversation.

While some see this as controversial or even ridiculous, it's not so vastly different than an interview with an admissions counselor. Ace that interview, and perhaps your application will get more attention. That's very likely how the Twitter program will work. In essence, the College of Charleston has applied modern tools to an age old process. Nice work. From Chngbkt.

peace commented on your status.

We've seen countless examples of how social media can break down barriers, and get people chatting about things that they haven't had the opportunity (or channel) to discuss before.

Facebook has always proudly claimed that they bring the world together in this manner. To that end, they've launched Peace on Facebook, a hub of...peace. They're posting interesting content and metrics regarding Facebook's connectivity during strenuous times - like the chart above showing friend connections across conflict zones. From CNET News

the sexiest zombies ever

Just in time for the zombie festivals, zombie walks and zombie bar crawls. My Zombie Pinup salutes the classic pinup style calendars with a twist: zombie girls.

Laughing Squid points out that several shots pay tribute to the classics of Gil Elvgren. Who says zombies aren't totally hot??

turn your town into NYC with this easy guide

The Urbanophile has a really nice write up on the big city of dreams as a leader in transportation design. From the High Line to bicycle tracks and lanes, they've proven that even a fully developed city can evolve into something that's appropriate for the times, culture and environment of today.

They've even created a Street Design Manual, so you can turn your place into New York City. (Actually - this is great knowledge worthy of sharing with urban planners across the globe.)

Next up: weather control systems, so we can really kick San Diego's ass.

thrift shopping now online

You can now shop Goodwill online. They now sell their better stuff via an online auction site. Like eBay but without all of the beanie baby collectors. This is good, good, good.

It's about time that a non-profit thrift enterprise took advantage of the eBay concept and brought their business from the community to the world. Lots of cool stuff, without the harsh fluorescent lighting environment of their retail stores. Cool. From Lifehacker.

obey levis

Levis is partnering with artist/fashionmaker/copyright fighter Shepard Fairey to create an Obey meets Levis new line of products. They've announced the partnership with a Facebook fan page, of course.

This is especially interesting in that Shepard already has his own line of apparel.

Licensing, brand partnerships and art coming together...for a better pair of jeans.

need a new logo? borrow it.

You've seen people steal logos, or not invest enough and get lame logos, but have you ever seen a brand borrow a logo?

The Chief Financial Officer of the City of Lubbock, Texas wrote to the Shire of Toodyay, an area in Western Australia, to see if they could get permission to re-purpose the Toodyay logo for their own city. The Shire of Toodyay said yes.

Proof that it never, ever hurts to ask. Thanks, Casey!

the nicest cans ever

How do you celebrate the 70th birthday of an iconic trash can? Vipp partnered with Design Within Reach to create a series of cans by famous artists. Seriously wonderful place for your discarded crap.

will your content really connect?

Adweek has a great piece about how some online media makers like Digg, Federated Media and Gawker are helping brands craft messages that speak to their audiences in a more appropriate way.

Sometimes even agencies aren't great at writing and creating content for unique communities, and nobody speaks community like the community itself.

wartime could use some super heroes

Artist and photographer Agan Harahap has placed modern day superheroes into classic war photography. Why not?

is your signage true to your brand?

Here's some caffeinated inspiration from Brooklyn's Coffee Den, who's keeping it real with the most awesome street signs.

Does your signage reflect the personality of your brand?

blogging as a tourist destination

Bloggers are now so super cool that Club Med has arranged a tourist cruise where you can hang with them.

It's a Club Med vacation with food bloggers. Hang, cook, tweet about it, and eat. And then eat some more. (Your bloggers may not look as glamorous as the people pictured above.)

Let's take a Brand Flakes in the Bahamas trip, ok?

names: more popular now than then

Here's a visual representation of first names appearing in the lyrics of the top five songs every year from 1891 to present. Just because it needed to be done. From Kevin Dugan.

what to do with those booths that used to hold phones

Artist Posterchild is making use of otherwise unused devices like newspaper stands and telephone booths, and turning them into planters. Awesome.

windows does something right

Amazing. Miraculous. Windows actually launched an interactive campaign that makes sense. Brian Morrissey writes about the Windows Facebook page that launched the other day.

They've even included a content aggregator within the page that pulls feeds from all of the other social media properties like Twitter, blogs and YouTube, and shares what people are saying about the product. Windows. Working. Wow.

working community and recycling into your product

Make the Logo Bigger points to a pretty cool idea that Levis has done with their product: They've suggested you donate your jeans to Goodwill when you're done with them. Right on the tag sewn into the jeans.

What a cool partnership for both brands, while promoting responsible behavior to their customers. Everyone wins.

turn yourself into a creepy old man

Or a pumpkin. Or a gorilla. Or a robot alien dude. Meijer just launched this halloween promo that uses your webcam to add a virtual mask to your face, and then lets you record a ransom fun video to send to your friends.

I like how they integrated product into the campaign, allowing users to browse and buy Meijer Halloween product right from the interface. So many retailers overlook that option when creating promotional campaigns, and miss the opportunity to sell.

ever wonder where your money's been?

This gritty realization of money travel produced for a German heart foundation will make you wish that you used your debit card more frequently. Thanks, Lee!

handicraft is not dead

Sometimes we get so caught up in our digital selves that we forget there are some beautiful things happening on paper. Yeah - that tactile substance that people used to print words on.

Check out this project for Swedish fashion brand Elvine, by agency Next Century Modern. Not only did they design and produce a beautiful catalog for the brand, but they included a handcrafted element that most firms would say "isn't possible." Or "too complicated."

Sometimes it's fun to see what you can accomplish with a handful of coworkers, some bbq, beer and spray paint. In this case, Elvine ends up with 5000 stunning print catalogs that are as unique as their clients.

They even produced a video documenting their process of hand painting 5000 books. Nice touch.

keep your eyes to the sky tomorrow

To promote the series "V" returning to tv, ABC is going to sky write giant red "V's" across several city skylines. The skyvertising kicks off tomorrow and continues through November 3rd.

Cities blessed with an invasion include San Francisco, Boston, Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, and Philadelphia. Expect the local news stations to tease this silly, and expect controversy in NYC.

find all of your lost tweets

It's official: both Google and Bing announced deals with Twitter to make tweets searchable. Bing's version is live now. Hooray for the internet.

the next best thing to having a stylist

Svpply is a retail bookmarking service (think Digg for fashion and shopping) that lets you view by category, price point, or gender, and points to all of the coolest stuff you could be buying on the internet.

The best thing about Svpply is that they don't allow just anyone to bookmark crap. This ensures that everyone who is bookmarking is actually cooler than you are, and therefore you'll always be served up the hottest stuff. Like the most excellent pants, featured above.

Never be unstylish again.

cleaning up philly, one wall at a time

Philadelphia commissioned NY artist Stephen Powers (who originally hails from Philly) to paint a series of art pieces on the rooftops where graffiti was once visible from the elevated train lines.

The result is a wonderful collection of fun and interesting pieces that give the Philly skyline a new view.

This is an effort that's still in the works, and it's being chronicled on the project's blog, ‘A Love letter For You’. Cool.

recycle your friends crappy tweets

Finally, a tool to help clean up the Twittersphere, now littered with boring, ridiculous tweets. Recycled Tweets is a free service that takes your friend's useless tweets, and recycles them into something more interesting.

Watch the awesome instructional video above for details. Then use daily. From The Denver Egotist.

a visual history of some awesome sneakers

Skateboarding culture has infected pop culture since its birth. So whether you're a skater or marketer, you'll really enjoy a peek at Made for skate, a book all about skateboard sneaker history.

You'll see where trends were born and be inspired by some kicks that have seen their share of paved glory.

you can meet anyone on twitter

Jonathan Ames lives in Brooklyn. He just wanted to watch the show that he penned. You see, he's the writer for a new HBO series called Bored to Death - but apparently doesn't have HBO.

So he sent out a tweet to see if there was anyone in Brooklyn that would have him as a guest to watch his show.

Plenty of friendly strangers reached out, and Jonathan got to watch his show. All is well in the Twitterverse.

what the google maps drivers really look like

Ever wonder what the dudes who drive the Google Maps cars look like? Now you'll know, thanks to Google Street View Guys.

Pretty cool production that uses actual Google Maps street view shots as background footage.

how to put 8,312 post it notes to work for your brand

You've seen artists use 3M Post Its to produce stop motion and wall art before, but now 3M has actually caught on to the trend for their own promotions.

The video above documents the over 15 hours of work that went into setting up a 3M fashion show decorated and staged with loads and loads and loads of Post It notes. From Quipsologies

products to make your weak life easier

In order to raise the awareness of the importance of milk in your diet, the British Columbia Dairy Foundation created The Weak Shop.

The Weak Shop features all of the products you might need if you don't drink milk - like Chair Pants, the Freedom Strider or the Wallet Walker (above). Outstanding copy and execution. Nicely done.

where the wild forts are

Check out this kickass collection of awesome forts. Don't you just want to build a fort in your office today?? From Cakehead Loves Evil

uniqlo takes over the world

Uniqlo has created another one of their Flashterpieces as a part of their "Tokyo to the world" campaign," and to coincide with the launch of their new store in Paris.

Uniqlo Calendar lets you create a widget, screensaver or web page calendar that tracks the weather, date and other important calendar stuff to an animated sequence of tilt shift photography.

Yes, the tilt shift revolution is overused, but if you put that aside, this is yet another sweet piece of of Japanese fashion super love. Shop on.

nike's english tunnel ride

Nike builds a masterpiece BMX dreamland inside a tunnel in England. They hold an event, and then gave it to the BMX/skater community. Everyone rides, everyone wins. Smart. From JKretch.

you've got 48 hours. will you be ready?

Dirk over at Cow London points to a Financial Times piece that explains how your brand typically has about 48 hours to respond to a crisis and regain credibility. After that point, people generally won't visit your website to get your point of view.

Dirk references several recent incidents in London as proof in point, like the London Underground worker who was rude to a senior citizen (video above).

Here's yet another fantastic example of where having the tools in place now (Twitter, Facebook, blogs) can make a big difference when you really, really need them. The clock is ticking.

lifestreaming made easy

There's a new hot camera about to hit the market that should have lifestreamers wetting their pants.

It's worn around your neck, and snaps photos automatically about every 30 seconds. It even has an accelerometer and light sensors to snap images when you enter a new environment, and an infrared sensor that senses body heat when someone is in front of you.

The camera was originally developed for patients with Alzheimer's, but now there's a planned consumer release for 2010. Get ready to document, tweet and share everything. From Loic.

this week at Plaid

Here's what happened this week at the world's most scrumptious creative agency:

Conn Creatives, a new sweet resource for creative types stuck in CT published a print piece profiling agencies in the state. Naturally, Plaid was one of the shops featured. We're a little miffed that we weren't on the cover, back cover, and center spread, but we'll get over it.

I represented Plaid at the annual Housatonic Valley Cultural Arts fundraising breakfast, and shook hands with a bunch of really cool fine artists, and a couple of people in suits.

It snowed. Yes, that's ridiculous, and that's more proof than ever that Plaid should really be located on the west coast, where everything is perfect all of the time.

We completed our Yahoo Purple Pedals art initiative. Yahoo gave us a sweet purple bike equipped with a camera that auto shoots and uploads photos every 60 seconds. We used it to meet people in our community and ask them "what makes you happy?" See the results in this video, or take a browse through the bike's entire photo stream.

Chris got a haircut.

We were invaded by sickness. Both Steph and Chris were inflicted with a nasty cold that rendered them useless to the world. We blame our high school intern/job shadow, Shane. Because that's what high school kids are best at: spreading germs.

RJ cranked up our convection oven for the first time in a while to make hot, fresh chocolate chip cookies. These are the perfect end of week treat, and make the office smell delicious.

This weekend Plaidsters will mostly be hybernating indoors since it's cold, and planning on raining every second of every day. Hopefully your weekend will be nicer.

make appointments as easy as 1, 2,3.

Site Preview

Setster has created an appointment/ecommerce widget that you can install onto your site in minutes. The widget lets visitors make contact with your firm, or schedule an appointment right from their desktop.

The Setser calendar system is available for your staff to view from any computer anywhere, so you can keep track of appointments as they're scheduled. It integrates with Freshbooks, with Quickbooks and with PayPal ecommerce.

See what it might look like embedded on BrandFlakes in the image above.

This looks to be a pretty awesome system for small businesses and service providers. Oh - and get this - in the spirit of magical web2.0, the basic service is FREE. Everyone wins.

the super branded future tent

Orange has been a part of the Glastonbury Music Festival before, and now they're using their mad R&D skills to help bring a better experience to festival goers.

They've invented the most excellent future tent that you've ever seen:
+ Solar power? Yep.
+ Charging station for your cell phone? Yep.
+ Wifi? Yep.
+ Ground heat amplification? Yep.

And get THIS - the tent can be set to glow in a distinctive color that you can initiate from your cell phone. Can't find your tent because you're in a drunken stupor? Activate your glow system, and see it from a mile away. This is the way camping should be. Thanks, Orange.

something to kick off your friday

Watch this because it's Friday, or because you've always wanted to do one of these videos for yourself, and you needed the inspiration to give it a shot today.

(You'll really wished that you worked with these guys.) Happy Friday.

a social network for all of your stuff

Need a ladder? Or a rice cooker? Now you can can borrow, lend, rent, sell and buy stuff from your neighbors, thanks to NeighborGoods. It's a social network that keeps track of all the stuff in your closet, your cabinets, and your garage - so that your neighbors can make use of the stuff that you aren't using.

Right now it's live in the Los Angeles area, and you can sign up for an invite if you live elsewhere. Maybe someone will finally take that breadmaker from your basement. From Mickipedia.

augmented reality outdoor art installation

Artist Chris O'Shea produced an outdoor installation in Liverpool, England that allows his giant hand to play with the crowd that's watching.

Watch the video, and you'll see how it works.

measure your twitterfluence

Klout is a new Twitter analytical tool that checks out your tweetage and profiles the people that most influence you, that are influenced by you, and that are personal friends. It plops everything onto a really nice graph suitable for a PowerPoint presentation. (Like if you were planning a presentation all about yourselfk to impress your friends.)

Oh yeah, and there's a numerical rating that some people will unnecessarily obsess over and tweet to all of their friends. (We say take it all with a massive grain of salt.) From Ben Kunz.

what's happening right now

News from the Herd points to a super cool tool that monitors statistics of the social mediaverse and streams them live. Because you're all about the here and now. Amazing.

spend your day creating buildings and wondering about the google future

There's a couple of amazing Googleicious developments that you're going to want to wrap your head around.

First, Google Building Maker. Google is crowd sourcing the 3D building creation for Google Earth. And they've made a tool that makes it easy and fun. What an incredible project for classrooms, architectural learning, or anyone bored with their everyday stuff.

Next, check out what the Georgia Institute of Technology created: a fusion of Google Maps and live security cams. Imagine a world that you can explore in real time. As Thought Gadgets points out, this is the future, and the possibilities are mind-blowing.

In Google we trust.

in the future, you'll use all of your fingers

Some really smart dude has invented what he calls 10/GUI, which is a touch screen interface that utilizes three dimensions and all of your fingers so that you can become the uber computer superstar that you yearn to be.

Watch the video, and you'll see why this dude will get bought up by Apple, Microsoft or some other empire. And say goodbye to your mouse. Just assume that by the time this comes to fruition, you'll be old, your kids will master it, and you'll be all "why can't I just use my mouse??" The future is grand, rest assured.

remix your friends

Say goodbye to the rest of your day. Orange has created a wonderous tool that lets you create remixes of songs using your own voice and the sounds produced by your friends.

The Sound of Orange RockCorps lets you sample videos and sounds from your friends, auto tune them to perfection, and then lay them all down on a pre-arranged hit song. Sounds confusing, but if you watch the video, you'll want to spend the rest of your day creating mixes.

The effort helps raise awareness about Rock Corps, Orange's promotion to incentivize volunteerism. Super awesome.

before the internet, people wrote letters

Letters of Note is an awesome blog devoted to an era when people wrote things on paper. Specifically, the blog focuses on nearly famous letters.

You'll find the note from Mick Jagger to Andy Warhol especially interesting, whether you're a client, agency, or fan. Inspiring.

if you're going to put your logo on your building, at least make it green.

The PNC Financial Services in Pittsburgh has a green wall/sign the size of two tennis courts on their headquarters building.

PNC claims this is the largest green wall in North America. Just in case you were measuring. (If we can put lawns on buildings, why can't I watch tv on my yard?) From ArchitectDerek.

old people are getting cooler. or funnier.

Wired reports on the latest trend in the senior citizen state: tricking out your golf cart.

Seniors in Florida retirement communities are overclocking their batteries, adding under carriage lighting, sound systems and body mods to have the sweetest rides ever. Time to visit grandpa.

more people use social media than email

There's an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal
that supports what we've been saying all along: email is old school and sucky.

Only the Wall Street Journal says it more intelligently. Here's the most interesting factoid:
In August 2009, 276.9 million people used email across the U.S., several European countries, Australia and Brazil, according to Nielsen Co., up 21% from 229.2 million in August 2008. But the number of users on social-networking and other community sites jumped 31% to 301.5 million people.

(That Twitter bird is really smiling now, and eating email for lunch.) From Brett, via Twitter. Duh.

cool way to promote illustration

It's a challenge for photographers and illustrators to keep top of mind awareness with Art Directors and Designers. Usually, they create email lists, and send new work on a periodic basis.

Craig Frazier has found a unique way of capturing the attention of creative people. Drawords features drawings by the illustrator, without captions. They're mostly scenarios that are begging for captions, and that's where you come in.

The result is an entertaining site of illustrations with copy that's written by the crowd. He's created a reason to return to the site on a regular basis by creating something of value. And Art Directors, Designers and Copywriters are filling in the blanks, all while Craig Frazier maintains top of mind awareness. Smart.

best buy: where art and retail meet?

Last week artist Borna Sammak created an art show at Best Buy.

The plan was to secretly take over all of the monitors on their lower Broadway store in NYC. The artist is known for his renegade installations, and this one went off without police or blue shirt involvement...apparently because Best Buy agreed at some point to let it happen. Win/win for both artist and retailer.

See video of his installation at Animal and an interview with the artist at Art in America.

magic music sun boxes for fun in boston

Friend of Plaid and super artist Craig Colorusso is doing an amazing art/music installation on the north shore in Boston.

He's created twenty magic boxes, each solar powered with a different guitar sample. As the sun shines, the composition comes to life and continuously evolves. Watch video of the piece at a recent installation in the Nevada desert, above.

See it for yourself this Saturday, on the north shore in Boston.

sex up your facebook shot

Estee Lauder is running a promotion that's pure sexy genius. Starting Friday, you can stop by your local Estee Lauder cosmetic counter and get a free professional makeover and a photo to post on your profile.

Excellent way for an old-school brand to acknowledge the benefits of their product in a way that their customers could be using it. Hot.

social media blocked at work? pass this to the boss.

A study released last week by Robert Half indicated that 54% of company CIO's say they block employees from reaching social media while they're at work.

Shel Holtz has an outstanding post on why this is ridiculous. Seriously awesome arguments. Send this to your boss, your IT dude, or put it together in a PowerPoint and send to the entire company.

this week at Plaid

Here's what happened this week at the world's most awesome creative agency:

We brought the Yahoo Purple Pedals bike to the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, to participate in their BikeFest event. The turnout was massive, and everyone fell in love with the purple bike. We also shot some new Purple Pedals photos at a grade school (always interesting), and at client RMI Direct.

I had the pleasure of speaking at a Direct Marketer's Association event, for the Hudson Valley Chapter. I was on a panel with Valorie at Creative Concepts, and Ken Crites at Green Mountain Coffee, and needless to say, we KILLED IT. That's how we roll.

I spill my guts on Plaid failures in a brilliant new piece on Advertising Age.

Ausra's bobble head got launched to our main site.

High school student Shane joined Plaid for to shadow supreme coding goddess Steph. He'll be scarred for life, we promise.

The AdLawGuy paid a visit to our world headquarters and schooled the crew on everything related to copyright, trademarks and how to not to get yourself sued while creating brilliant creative work.

Chris got a haircut.

This weekend, Chris and I will be running our first ever half marathon. You can track how slow we're going here live during the race, by entering our last names (Ohrt, and Spada.) Plaidsters will also be celebrating the marriage of former Plaidster Sara this weekend. Cupcakes will be devoured.

Have a great weekend!

@adlawguy lays down the advertising law

Here's proof that not all lawyers are evil, devil worshiping maniacs. We had a great meeting yesterday with Michael McSunas from Chambliss, Bahner & Stophel.

While we learned loads about ad law, there's another story here, too: Sharing is the most spectacular business development tool ever.

We get a ton of calls from potential partners and vendors every day. And we don't have time to meet with the majority of them. Michael's approach was entirely different.

Michael offered our agency a no-cost presentation on advertising law. Something that our agency (and just about any other agency on the planet) could learn from. He didn't come in selling - he arrived giving.

And with just a little bit of time on his end (probably the same amount of time that his competitors would spend selling), he established himself as a friend of the firm, demonstrated his outstanding knowledge and experience in his field, and left an agency of sarcastic impossible-to-impress types more informed on copyright, trademark and advertising law.

This information couldn't come at a better time, as the lines are being blurred with new tools and media and publishing at the speed of light. We came away more edumacated than ever, all while forming an impression of Chambliss, Bahner & Stophel that we wouldn't have had before.

If you think that your firm could benefit from some schooling in ad law, give Michael a shout.

(Coworker Ausra Angermann and colleague Bill Green prove that it's ok to be seen with a lawyer, above.)

community designed college apparel

Vote for Art is a new site influenced by Threadless, but geared toward the college community. Artists will be able to upload their original college t-shirt designs, the community will vote on their favorites, and the best shirts get sold in college book stores.

Since most college t-shirt designs suck, this could open up some nice business for college book stores and Vote for Art. (The site hasn't officially launched yet, and today they're asking artists to design their logo instead of step at a time.)

make exercise fun and people will do it.

Check out this fun initiative (brought to you by VW!) that answers the question "if we made the stairs more fun than the escalator, would people take them? Cool.

trade your fat jeans for a pair that you'll actually wear

ThredUp is a new social community geared around sharing your CLOSET.

You only wear 25% of the clothes you own. So why not give that ridiculous shirt to someone who will actually wear it? Meanwhile, you can browse other user's closets and get stuff that you'll actually wear. Sounds like fun. From Springwise.

cutting our military friends a break

We don't often promote our own clients on BrandFlakes, but thought this was worthy. Check out the video promoting Helmets to Hardhats, a unique program aimed at helping military vets that are returning from active duty get awesome jobs in the construction industry.

We produced Are You G2G, an online tool that helps soldiers plan for their re-entry into our nutty civilian life. There's even a Facebook app that lets them countdown their days till discharge in their timeline.

All you need to do is send the video to people who have friends in the military.

stop lurking, and join the fun.

A new study from Deloitte confirms that plenty of people are just lurking rather than participating in social media, which presents a challenge to the marketers who are there to engage them.

Some of the biggest challenges in creating a community include getting people to:
* Join (24 percent)
* Stay engaged (30 percent)
* Keep returning (21 percent)

More cool numbers to put in your PowerPoint pipe and smoke! From Steve Rubel.
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