this week at Plaid

Here's what happened this week at the greatest creative agency in all of the land:

We launched the Segway commercial compatibility test with Segway. The tool helps businesses determine how Segway could impact their operation. Generic product information or marketing messages can't speak to the countless variables that exist within different businesses. The compatibility test generates information that's true to the business person's actual need - based on their type of business, work environment and goals. Pretty cool. (Take the test and see if Segway could help your business!)

We also launched our official plan for Plaid's Purple Pedals project. We've been invited by Yahoo to take part in their Purple Pedals program, and we have some awesome plans. We're going to tour our community with the purple bike (which snaps and uploads photos every 60 seconds) and let people from all walks of life tell the camera what makes them happy. You can learn more about our plans on our Purple Pedals project page.

Meanwhile, Plaidsters are knee deep in some really cool work on a multitude of projects for clients like HeadBlade, Aflac, Riunite, Rosa Regale, Nielsen, and the Sikorsky Financial Credit Union. (I know there's more, but I'm too lazy to review the details.)

We started our flex schedule this week! (See the article that I wrote about it on Advertising Age.) Employees can come in anytime before 10am and leave anytime after 4pm. Their actual work schedule is left entirely to what works best for them individually. Late sleepers can come in later, early birds come in early and skate out at 4pm. The first week was a pretty cool test, and we saw Plaidsters enjoying both ends of the schedule.

Next week is a crazy Plaid week, with photo shoots, (PARK)ing day and so much more - so Plaidsters are resting up this weekend to prepare for awesomeness.

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