run my errand: like having interns on call

Run my Errand is a new service that gets someone else to do your chores for you.

From Mashable: You import your Facebook data via Facebook Connect. Once done, you just add the details of your errand, when you need it done, where it should be done, and who should run the errand. Once posted, a RunMyErrand runner will pick up the task and execute it.

Most errands are completed by a background-checked errand runner for less than $10. Sounds like a win. The startup company is funded by the Facebook Fund and currently only available in Boston - but plans on spreading to 14 other cities soon.


Ryan Kuder said...

darryl ohrt said...

Totally. This is like the dot com days all over again. :)

Claire Luck said...

I don't think it's back to the dot com days. There is a really need for errand runners however, businesses should not forget the dotcom pitfalls this time round.

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