the journey of a lost backpack and southwest airlines

American Copywriter points to an excellent story from Peter Hartlaub, and how a lost backpack turned him into the biggest Southwest Airlines fan ever.

Long story short, his son lost his backpack on a flight without any identifying information on the bag other than his kid's name embroidered on the back. It turns out that Southwest Airlines not only came across the bag, but went way over the top to find its owner. They found a receipt in the bag, identified a customer name, cross referenced with their passenger list, and several steps later the backpack was back in the hands of Peter's kid.

A wonderous story that he'll tell over and over to at every opportunity. An investment in time from Southwest that's better than any television ad they could ever buy. What kind of extra juice are you giving your customers?


RFB said...

And why not have Peter and his kid in a television ad for SWA?

Jonze said...

What a nice story!

In Ireland we have an airline called Ryanair who actually charge you money to get back anything you lose on their flights.

Mitch said...

Very nice...and they don't even charge for your bags.

Jeanne Dininni said...

A wonderful example of word-of-mouth marketing that will pay off for Southwest Airlines for a long time to come!

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