it's man cereal

Being your lovable breakfast morning blog, how could we not report on the re-branding of Wheaties? They've revamped the product to become...Fuel.

Retail Design Diva points out its resemblance to Axe or Tag, the hot girl attraction spray that men love so much. And you do have to admit that amidst the cartoon kaleidoscope of the cereal aisle, this will stand out. Served best with a quarter gallon of gasoline.


Ben Kunz said...

I'm loving this. For lunch, perhaps Taco Bell could rebrand its burritos to "Gas."

RFB said...

Credit the energy drink craze, which even got Snickers to release a juiced up version.

Josh Copeland said...

They tried Wheaties "Honey Gold" in 1992 with a campaign pandering to baseball lovers (a la Field of Dreams), but it flopped after 2 years.

Maybe this will last longer?

Anonymous said...

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