big box stores of the dominican republic

When branding people go on vacation, the photos they take aren't always your typical vacation photos. If you can relate to that, then you'll love Ted Murphy's photo collection of the "big box" stores of the Dominican Republic.


Anonymous said...

Ted Murphy, self-proclaimed "creative superfreak" and founder of Pay-Per-Post. Anything he does is not worth looking at. Thanks for wasting my time and making me see that con-man's face again.

A smarmy PR guy goes to the DR and makes fun of poor people. Yeah, that's fucking hilarious.

Anonymous said...

And let's also note that according to the post you link to, the "serial entrepreneur" known as Ted Murphy didn't leave his swanky resort for 4 days. When he finally ventured outside the gated compound on his last day to dare to interact with the scary locals, he only found them silly and worth mocking.

And in case you didn't know, "serial entrepreneur" is bullshit marketing speak for "asshole who creates dumb companies that fail and then does it over and over again."

Anonymous said...

Ted is not a "branding person." Ted is a huckster and in another day would've been chased out of town. Ted's only "brand" is himself, and he is such a genius at that. "My gimmick will be that I wear a stupid hat and stick my tongue out in every picture of myself."

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