what happens if you enter every contest on youtube?

Meet Jake and Will. They want to make a film, and need $100,000 to do it. They also realized that there are countless companies doing YouTube video contests, and giving away some sweet prizes. As budding film makers, they figured that they've got a better chance than most at winning, so they've decided to enter every video submission contest that they can find.

It's working. They've launched Video Contest Warriors, to document their progress and adventures. And - they may even enter the Riunite contest (a Plaid client) where they'd have a chance at meeting their short term goal of $10K, in one fell swoop. (Do people really say "fell swoop" anymore?)

1 comment:

RFB said...

There is really only one kind of swoop, and that's a fell swoop.

And did the background change on BFFB? I'm just noticing the teak table. Very Don Draper of you.

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