Monday, August 03, 2009

We've completed another grand tour of the Plaid Nation, and wow - what wonderful stories, people and companies that we met!

Plaid Nation couldn't have happened without the help of soooo many wonderous people. We owe a massive THANK YOU to many people who made this possible.

Bill, Ben and DaBitch. Truly the smartest, most entertaining and most awesome bloggers in the universe. We gave them the keys to Brand Flakes for Breakfast, and they took over. This blog has rocked like never before, and we're blown away that they gave it so much love. If you haven't already - be sure to add each of their blogs to your blog roll:
Bill Green: Make the Logo Bigger
Ben Kunz: Thought Gadgets
Ask DaBitch: Adland

The people that we met along the way. Businesses, individuals, other agencies and interesting people between Detroit and New Orleans opened the doors to their operations, their homes and their hearts, so that we could do our best to share it with you. There are far too many to name in person here - but we hope that you experience it all on the PlaidNation dashboard. There's loads of great video, photography, blog posts and a tweet stream with a lot to say.

Our clients. For the last two weeks, we were slower to return emails. Slower on deadlines. Maybe a little more spacey than we should have been on conference calls. Confusing Central Time for Eastern Time. We have the most awesome clients in the nation, and they let us take two weeks to creatively stretch ourselves to learn, to share and meet tomorrow's creative superstars.

Our families. Plaidsters have been working non stop on tour prep months before we even hit the road. And those that were on tour left girlfriends, wives and families at home, while the crew worked from 7am to 11pm nearly every day and night, with little time to call and say "i miss you."

So a wonderous, serious thanks from all of us at Plaid, and to all of the Plaid friends who made this possible!

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posted by darryl ohrt @ 6:41 AM   3 comments

At 11:15 AM, Anonymous Todd said...
Was great meeting you at the southside Green Bay tour stop. If you sell seats to the RV on ebay for PlaidNation2010, I'll bid up the Gulf Coast route.  
At 5:50 PM, Blogger mtlb said...
(Sorry about the stain on the rug.)  
At 7:29 AM, Blogger Åsk Dabitch said...
Thank yoohooo. Uhm, I'll replace what was in the liquor cabinet and uhm, that record player was like that already, I swear.

(psst, don't StudlyCap)

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