some people aren't psycho for donuts

Here's another reason to move to the Bay Area: You can order the most deliciously awesome donuts, and have them delivered to your door by a sexy nurse.

Psycho Donuts has attempted to add some excitement to the retail side of the donut business, with a unique retail environment (that includes a padded cell), and hostesses that look like naughty nurses (who also make donut deliveries.)

This upsets some people. And they're organizing protests over at Psycho Donuts. Insane as that sounds, yes - people are protesting donuts.

Mental health professionals are up in arms, and aren't satisfied with just shopping at a more boring donut store. The hoopla is getting Psycho Donuts a ton of publicity. Follow the developments over at the Psycho Donut blog and the psycho donut tweet stream.

We just want to taste the Nilla wafers and donuts combination. Or the bi-polar donut pictured above. Sounds nutty delicious.


Ben Kunz said...

This works on so many levels.

Thanks a lot, pal, let me get back to my stale coffee now...

golublog said...

I love donuts. But this a whole other level, I feel.

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