send this to the teen driver you know

This isn't funny, entertaining or cute. It's a "scared straight" type of PSA geared toward showing the potential effects of texting while driving. It's only a short clip of a 30 minute piece that's shown to students in the UK. It's disturbing.

Once, while on the Plaid Nation tour this year, I counted the number of drivers on a loooong stretch of highway who were NOT texting or talking on their cells. The count rarely got higher than five consecutive "safe" drivers. Not science, just my own informal survey. I never found ten consecutive "safe" drivers.

Bill Green suggests we take it a step further, and create a campaign Ignore It or Turn It Off, (LOVE THIS) and have it funded like the drink responsibly messaging.

Until then, you can send the video edit above to the drivers you know. Especially the ones who love to text.


Anonymous said...

We should send it to every DRIVER we know.

darryl ohrt said...

AGREE. As a runner, I've been nearly hit by plenty of drivers who are texting - and almost all of them have been adults. Who should know better.

Jen Zingsheim said...

Agreed on the adults thing. I was almost hit head-on last week when a guy messing with his phone (no clue if he was texting or dialing) in the oncoming lane drifted at least 2 feet over the double yellow line. I didn't even have time to honk my horn, just got as far over to the right on the shoulder as I could.

It was terrifying. He was in a huge SUV, I drive a Honda Accord.

People just need to put the d*mn phones down and drive. Nothing is more important.

Jen Zingsheim

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