meet ausra.

Meet Ausra, Plaid's newest recruit!

Ausra will be working with clients and Plaid creatives to keep all of the Plaid magic on budget, on time, and filled with happiness. We like to call that position the "master of everything."

Ausra hails from Canada, the place where it snows all of the time, the country responsible for creating Loverboy, and where people say "aboot" instead of "about."

She's also loaded with agency experience, including stints at ICE (a Canadian integrated communications agency), Fuel Design, Karo (the strategic branding company, not the syrup company) and most recently at SVP Partners.

So, say howdy to Ausra (pronounced Owshra)! You can follow her on Twitter and talk about Canadian beer, Celion Dion and policeman that ride horses. ("Mounties." What a silly land she hails from.)

1 comment:

RFB said...

I see you wasted no time making her sign up for Twitter. Come to think of it, you people are the reason I'm on Facebook.

Damned Social Media Nazis.

Can we talk to Ausra about William Shatner and Rush? Or Second City Television?

Oh, Canada, you poor neighbor. Always the flower girl, never the bridesmaid. Or something.

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