local tv news is ready to die now.

We've seen the music industry implode. Newspapers close down. Local TV news is the next industry deserving a nice kick in the pants.

Local news stations have a bunch of issues:
+ Their stories were reported on the internet yesterday
+ Their weathermen think we're amazed at maps that zoom into a street as if we've never seen Google Maps
+ Video of a house fire every day is only so exciting, year after year

This clip from WJW in Cleveland is either a hilarious joke or proof that local news needs to be replaced by re-runs of Facts of Life. Or the A-Team. (That would be awesome.)


Libby said...

Videos like this- I keep waiting to hear that they're from the Onion, and yet..... they're not.

Unknown said...

This has to be a spoof! If not, it's pure awesome.

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