how to sell a bunch of books

Chris Brogan has a deal for you:

+ Buy 300 copies of his new book Trust Agents and he'll give you a half day of his consulting, gratis.
+ Get about 100 of your friends together, and he'll fly in for a signing.

If you've been following Chris over the last few days, you've seen how he's expertly launched his new book. He doesn't ask much of his ginormous Twitter audience, so you could say he's built some trust. You could also say that trust has earned him a favor or two.

A few tweets and blog posts over the last few days have called in those favors (and fans), and have put his book on the Amazon charts over the weekend. And now he's snowballing that position and pushing it even further, with some fun promotions like the "deals" mentioned above. He's using his online audience of individuals to sell his book by the hundreds.

Chris didn't mastermind this overnight. He didn't join Twitter yesterday and start hawking his book. He's spent the last however many years building an audience by providing something of value. And so when he does have something to sell, he's got an audience that's interested, invested and ready for action.

Nice job.


Chris Brogan said...

Being covered on Brandflakes for Breakfast means that I have only to meet Chuck Palahniuk, kiss Scarlett Johannsen (sp?), and sell out an arena for a speaking gig and I'll have completed all my life's goals. I might be able to die by 45, given this rate of success.

Seriously, I love the blog and so I'm grateful for your coverage, Darryl.

So, last week, I made the big push and this resulted in thousands of books sold. The bulk request helped. This week, I slip in the 300 book offer, mentioning that we "sold out" of the 200 book offer. (Mind you, this is real, as my consulting fee is much higher than the cost of 200 books, and/or that I only see $1.40 or so for each book sold, which then makes my TAKE from that offer totally crazy tiny.)

Moving to the 300 book offer (and then the 500 book offer) seems a reasonable request and/or gives the push a little bit of urgency to take an action. I'm not a lifelong marketer (actually, I've spent most of my professional career NOT marketing), but I understand calls to action.

As for my community, I've made most of my last few year's salary by NOT asking my community for money, so I'm fairly uncomfortable making the request, and yet, I find it fair. I'm enjoying the ask, because I've given years and years of free blog content. If you divide the number of posts on my blog by $24.95, it's still pretty darned reasonable. Oh, and Trust Agents is all new material and not a reprint, so it's BONUS material.

The experiment has been great. Our Facebook Group ( has gone really well, and we have about 2500 people actively commenting (at this posting), and we're getting tons of blog posts, tweets, user-generated contests, and much much more.

I'm pretty happy for the work, Darryl, and grateful that you found it worth a mention in BFB.

darryl ohrt said...

"I've given years and years of free blog content. If you divide the number of posts on my blog by $24.95, it's still pretty darned reasonable."

(That's awesome.)

Chris - thanks so much for sharing the detail behind your marketing. Fantastic stuff!

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