go to playboy.com. it's work...really.

Ben Kunz over at Thought Gadgets points us to the new Playboy site. Not because there's almost naked girls on the site - but as an example of the changing landscape in the publishing industry.

As Ben points out, the main broadcast networks have sold $1 billion less in primetime upfronts this year, down from $9 billion in 2008. And we all know what's going on in the newspaper/magazine industry.

How to survive? Provide creative content and integrate your advertisers. That's what Playboy is doing. They've allowed the MadMen brand to takeover the site - and tailored their history of relevant content around the brand.

They've integrated their advertisers into the content (see the Southern Comfort screen shot above.) And they've backed it up with deep content. You can browse every issue of Playboy from the 1960's, page by page - including ads - which are just as entertaining as the pinups. For real. Sadly, you can't link to individual pages - which would have been awesome to show you some old Hathaway or Wrangler ads. Now you'll just have to "explore" yourself.

Go ahead...it's work.


malte said...

luckily you can link to individual pages by using the "share" button in the lower left.
greetings from a hardworking german http://sixties.playboyarchive.com/2/7/61

Anonymous said...

The only problem being you need to install Silverlight. I suppose it's appropriate really as that's the preserve of Mad Men. Oh and Mad Men isn't a 'brand'...it's a TV show!

darryl ohrt said...

Blech. Didn't realize it required a Silverlight install.

On MadMen - it's actually a TV show AND a brand. :)

Ryan Moede said...

Branded content integration usually ends up a train-wreck, but this Mad Men experience isn't too bad. I've also been impressed with GOOD Magazine's work with the new Prius - http://www.psfk.com/2009/07/branded-content-good-magazines-flyer-for-pruis.html

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