gamers get old, fat and lazy.

Wired reports about Computerworld reporting on a new study from the Center of Disease Control (!) that shows that pretty much everyone is a gamer. And we're all getting fatter.

The surprise that may exist in this study for marketers is the fact that gamers aren't just teens. In fact 25% are 50+.

The study also reports that gamers say they're overweight and have more "poor-mental-health days." (PMH?) Keep this in mind when you're composing that photograph of the living room scene for that new ad, and end up casting the 12 year old to play XBOX. Might not be as close to reality as you think.


Ben Kunz said...

One trend in media that often goes unmissed is how people take their media habits with them. The average age of a gamer is now 35, which is logical when you consider computer video games first became popular in the early 1980s when this group were preteens. We tend to get "imprinted" with media habits and then carry them as we age, which is why seniors still watch more television than about anyone else.

So play it forward and you can predict what tomorrow's generations will do. We'll be seniors texting each other as our grandchildren laugh, saying, come on Gramps, sign up for the new telepathy.

Ben Kunz said...

Um, missed, not unmissed. Not enough coffee.

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