the end is near.

Sony Pictures is doing a nice job promoting the release of 2012. They've created the Institute for Human Continuity, blogs devoted to the end of the world, a wiki for the IHC, and of course a Twitter stream. They even created Institute for Human Continuity street teams at ComicCon. You can be sure there's more if you have time to explore.

They also ask users to Google search 2012, knowing that the results of doomsday theories will feed interest in the film to those not familiar with the significance of the date. Nice.

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esteban from said...

They are definitely doing a good job. Too bad the whole 2012 concept is so lacking of any substance. I know people who are totally freaked out by this and when I ask them about their "source," they give me something like a History Channel 30 minute special on Nostradamus. Whatever. 2012 is ridiculous and I'm not sure all the great marketing would make me watch it. We'll see...

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