The Dude™ abides—with ceviche

Time to wrap up my guest blogging stint and bring it back around to the officially wrapped Plaid Nation Tour. You know by now that the lads of Danbury spent a few weeks profiling the small-mid agency scene, and David at Ad Pulp does this regularly too, sans Ford Flex though. One of the recent shops he came across is out of Seattle called Creature.

The spot above is for Pacifico Beer, one of their clients, and it’s a nice twist on the usual babes, bikinis and brew spots you see from the majors. Not, that babes, bikinis and brew is a bad thing, but seing the laid back feel of this spot, it comes off as the polar opposite of Dos Equis’ funny Most Interesting Man series. Here, The Dude definitely abides.

Which, makes sense because the Dude above–Ira Evan Nevius–is an actual dude living in Mexico, something the agency prefers in their spots over hiring actors. It’s also this real vibe that draws you in while you take a few minutes to watch him make ceviche. Ceviche? Yes, ceviche. As David points out, there are also some nice little spinoffs to the campaign. Net effect: You spend even more time with the brand.

Compare that to a Corona, which has always gone for a total chill, lay on the beach and detox from the city approach—yet they still feel like ads. This doesn’t. It’s the vibe a Corona or Bud Light Lime lack even after all this time.

Pacifico, time to open an Atlantico spinoff and have The Dude diving for lobster.

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