brooklyn to create their own money

The Brooklyn Torch Project is looking to establish a means of currency to be used by Brooklynites. The currency would be exchanged with local businesses and artists, while boosting Brooklyn brand value and pride (they need more Brooklyn pride??)

You can even participate in the design of the new Brooklyn bucks.

Sound like a wacky artist's dream? It's been successful in Ithaca, NY since 1991. And it's completely legal says the Treasury Department. WOW. Time to buy a second wallet. From Gothamist.


the girl Riot™ said...

yeah, except for even in Ithaca we barely used them. they were novelty. i think i may have seen one, once.

Tracy Helin said...

They use these in a few towns in the Berkshires (Massachusetts) too.

Anonymous said...

Apparently the money in the Berkshires has been pretty successful - though using them comes with a 5% discount wherever they are accepted vs. real cash - so I'm sure that's a huge factor. If there's no tangible incentive they won't last as anything beyond novelty.

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