outdoor ads that know you're there

To promote the Nikon D700 camera, agency Cheil Worldwide created some fun lightboxes in the connecting passageway between the Seoul Sindorim Subway Station and a shopping mall.

When pedestrians walk by the ad, sensors note their presence, and bulbs from the paparazzi begin flashing. The effect is further complimented by the installation of a red carpet in front of the ad, which leads followers to the Nikon store within the mall.


Cory O'Brien said...

This is a great idea, and I really like that the red carpet leads you to the store. I think semi-interactive billboard ads are going to be a growing trend as companies try to figure out new ways of grabbing attention. (And paying per view/interaction.)

Ing said...

It's a horrible idea. Maybe it'll work commercially, but to me it smacks of popup ads.

On the other hand, maybe it could be an entertaining novelty -- I have to admit that surreal as it was, I also laughed when the urinal at a truck stop started talking to me a couple weeks ago. Interactive urinal ads...yes, they actually exist (Wizmark is the company that makes them).

Eric Smith said...

I believe Hartford Airport has an ad like this by Traveler's insurance. It is a series of flowers that form the traveler's umbrella, when you walk by it creates a "wind" effect blowing the flowers away. Definitely sticks in your mind.

Dwight said...

This reminds me of the ads in Tom Cruise's Minority report.

Although these ads might be a little too intrusive, they're sure to catch some attention and provide entertainment. I'm just not too sure about how these are gonna be bringing people to action and actually buy the cameras.

Also, hopefully, they don't send an epileptic man to his death with those flashing lights.

led sign said...

Very nice idea! Another way of grabbing customers attention. Because of their paparazzi ads people got intrigue on the camera that catch their pictures while walking at the subway.

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