meet C3P0 in concert

“Say, aren’t you...?”

“Yes. I get that a lot.”

The most famous voice in movies? Probably. Anthony Daniels, the voice of C3P0, will be narrating the live Star Wars: In Concert when it premieres in the U.S. this October. Complete with all John Williams’ original score as played by a full orchestra. (It’s already premiered in London.) As for the most famous non-human in films this side of HAL, a writer friend met him once and said that while you knew instantly who he was without looking, it was a pain for someone with such a recognizable voice being typecast. How can you ever do romantic comedies after that, people! But, even doing something as simple as placing an order in a restaurant gives you away too.

Maybe, but I bet ordering a burger with American cheese never sounded so cool.

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AI observer said...

I went along to the London show, and it was absolutely brilliant fun. It's presented as 'themes' - Daniels comes in and talks briefly about "Robots" from the film for example. Then the huge video scren (the biggest in the world I've been told) shows montage clips from that footage while the 100-or so-strong orchestra plays, and the choir sings (my friend sang in the London one). You quickly forget that it is live music as it's so enjoyable; you just get carried along with watching the videos and listening to John Williams' wonderful music. If you get the chance, I highly recommend it - it's a unique experience.

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