maybe you could do this with some free time and an olympus camera

60,000 pictures. 9,600 developed prints. 1,800 shot pictures and absolutely no post production. Whoah. That's one sweet stop motion masterpiece to promote the Olympus PEN.

(What happened to his wife and kid??)


Anonymous said...

The wife & kid left him because of that guy who was always following them around with that damn camera.

Very cool! Nice song. Great promo. I would love to see some production notes.

Cynthia said...

Did you see this?

Read the comments ...

Do you smell lawsuit or is that just bacon on the stove with the brandflake breakfast???

Anonymous said...

@ Cynthia - I was just looking for that clip but you beat me to it. ;-p Olympus did the decent thing though in their description on YouTube and gave him credit.

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