Kmart's trigger-happy Christmas

Now before you get all OMG-I-can't-believe-retailers-are-pushing-Santa-already on us, consider this: Kmart running a Christmas promotion in July is brilliant. A little banner on the home page takes you here, where only those people who care can shop early, save on shipping, and yes, find an excuse to burn through discretionary income while the rest of us hoard pennies in this Pottersvillesque economic apocalypse.

Cynical observers would consider this a marketing ploy to obscure the reference price, that is, mask the real cost of goods with the glow of holiday splurging. But we see economic recovery. God bless you, Kmart, for getting people to spend again.

Via Rosie Siman.


Donuts and Coffee said...

QVC also ran their Christmas in July programing all last weekend, July 25 and 26. They have had Christmas in July for years now.

We don't need no stinkin' recession.

RK said...

Sears is doin' it too.

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